Edimus Capital


Edimus Capital is an investment firm committed to making seed / early-stage investments in promising founders and blockchain projects.

Our partners have founded, led, and financed some of the most valuable and well-known blockchains and protocols including Terra, Anchor Protocol, and Nexus Protocol.

We pride ourselves in our hands-on approach from the technical (mechanism design, smart contract reviews, engineering) to the operational (recruiting, product strategy, market expansion, governance).


DeFi, P2E, NFT, and More

Decentralized, digital collectible trading card game
Decentralized Marketplace on Terra
Cross-Chain Stable Bank
Guild management platform

Yield optimizer + Liquidation protector vaults
Take advantage of future yields today
More decentralized finance for Klaytn
The first cross-IP PvP NFT game

Savings protocol offering low-volatility yields
DeFi dApp suite for regular crypto users
Powering the innovation
of money
DeFi Aggregator on Klaytn